What is the Good Food EXPO?

The Good Food EXPO is produced by FamilyFarmed.  Learn more about our programs.

The Good Food EXPO began 14-years ago as the Local Organic Trade Show, the first event of its kind. The event plays an essential role in building local food infrastructure and creating lasting relationships that have helped push the Good Food movement forward.

Today, we celebrate the progress of the movement while addressing some of the challenges presented by its success. The demand for local food is greater than the supply, and everyone is more conscious of where their food comes from. Large buyers, including grocery stores, distributors and institutions, are rushing to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace.

The Good Food EXPO helps connect financial resources to farms and Good Food businesses; helps grow local procurement capacity; engages local school districts; provides a forum to discuss local, statewide and national food policy; and educates the public about the importance and impact of Good Food. Unique opportunities arise for growing the Good Food movement with all of these stakeholders networking through our important sessions and trade show exhibits.

Our 14- year success story of happenings at the Good Food EXPO includes:

  • Multiple local procurement relationships begun at the Good Food EXPO
  • Hundreds of new product launches
  • Businesses gaining access to financing
  • Local food procurement announcements by Midway Airport, McCormick Place, and Chicago Public Schools.

The Good Food EXPO is not just a farmer-and industry-focused event though. It’s a celebration of Good Food.

The all-day Good Food Festival on Saturday gives families and individuals the opportunity to learn directly from experienced farmers and gardeners in our Organic Valley Good Food Commons; hear from thought leader panelists about the future of our agricultural system; watch chef demos highlighting local food; and engage with more than 100 farmer, food business, and non-profit exhibitors at the Good Food Marketplace.

No other event brings together such a wide range of farmers, food entrepreneurs, food policy stakeholders, sustainable agriculture visionaries, and community members all in one place. Our offerings will continue to be at the forefront of the Good Food movement, and our event will continue to be an important part of growing the sustainable agriculture community in Chicago and beyond!