Urban Farm Bus Tour

In 2017 we visited three different cutting edge urban farms in Chicago!

Tour three of the leading farm sites, community programs, and sustainability incubators in Chicago with Certified Organic Farm Owner, Certified Horticulturist, Edible Garden Educator and Garden Manager Breanne Heath. Then rejoin us in the afternoon for the rest of the awesome programs and workshops at the Good Food Festival! Attendees learned so much and had such fun on this tour in 2013 that we’ve brought it back every year since then!

Founded in 2011, The Urban Canopy includes an indoor growing space, support for community and school gardens, and a two-acre community farm in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.




pie_patch_screenshotThe Pie Patch is a pick-your-own farm, growing perennial fruits and annual vegetables traditionally used in pies: strawberries, apples, pears, plums, raspberries, rhubarb, sweet squash and pumpkin, sweet potatoes and concord grapes. The site has been a farm and garden in Chicago for over 30 years, benefiting from years of community groups and individuals creating healthy soil, planting a variety of beneficial plants and encouraging diverse insect, bird and microbial life.



metropolitan_farms_screenshotMetropolitan Farms is an aquaponic farm that combines fish farming and a hydroponic growing system in a closed-loop, efficient and clean facility. Their mission is to grow fresh food in the city where it is eaten. They believe this will result in a healthier, more secure and environmentally sustainable food system.




Urban Bus Stop Tours are subject to change without notice.