Exhibitor Welcome & Set-Up Instructions

Exhibitor Welcome & Set-Up Instructions 


Please check back early 2018 for updated welcome and set-up instructions.



James Pirovano | (312) 874-7363 office | (630) 306-1361 cell | james@familyfarmed.org

Event Location

UIC Forum | University of Illinois at Chicago 725 West Roosevelt Road Chicago, IL 60607

Loading Dock

Back of the building on Union Ave. (parallel to 90/94, Dan Ryan Expressway)

Exhibitor Badges

Each exhibitor will receive four (4) badges. They will be placed at your assigned Table the first day you exhibit. Please wear when on site. If you have questions please visit the Onsite Registration desk, located inside main entrance of the building on Halsted Street.

Table Assignments

Table assignments will be posted online about a week prior to the event.

  • Tables 1 through 140 are exhibiting Friday and Saturday (March 23 and March 24).
  • Tables 141-159 are exhibiting Friday (March 23) ONLY.
  • Tables 200 through 409 are exhibiting Saturday (March 24) ONLY.

Shipping Address

FamilyFarmed has limited space to receive items prior to the Festival. If you need to ship banners or a SMALL box ahead, YOU MUST contact Gabby Baldassari at exhibitor@familyfarmed.org to confirm.

Delivery NO LATER than March 22:
225 W Hubbard St., Suite 650
Chicago, IL 60654
Exhibitor Name, Table #____
For OVERNIGHT DELIVERY March 23 or 24:  
Good Food Festival  
725 West Roosevelt Road
UIC Forum
Chicago, IL 60607
Exhibitor Name, Table #____  

Friday, March 23: Good Food Industry Conference
7:00 am to 9:30 am Move-in, set-up
9:00 am to 10:15 am Opening Symposium
5:00 pm – 7:00pm Industry Networking Reception

Saturday, March 24: Good Food Festival
7:00 am to 9:30 am Move-in, set-up
10:30 am to 3:00 pm Celebrity Chef Demos
5:00 pm Show Closes

Fax certificates in advance to (773) 435-1593. or email to coi@familyfarmed.org

❑All Exhibitors must provide FamilyFarmed with Certificate of Insurance as described below.

❑Exhibitors selling food and/or drink for consumption at the Festival must provide FamilyFarmed with Illinois Food Service Sanitation Certificate.

❑All Exhibitors selling products for delivery at the Festival must comply with Illinois and Chicago Sales Tax requirements as detailed below.

❑ Exhibitors providing alcoholic beverage samples must utilize a Forum provided licensed bartender. Please contact FamilyFarmed for more information. Exhibitors are allowed to pour along with the Forum bartender but that individual must be in possession of their Illinois Liquor Control “Bassett Certificate.”

❑Alcoholic beverages may not be sold by exhibitors for consumption or delivery at the Festival. Orders may be taken for delivery elsewhere.

❑Exhibitors including Music as part of their display must conform with copyright laws as detailed below.

Certificate of Insurance

Exhibitors are required to provide and keep in force during the show period, including move-in and moveout, General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming FamilyFarmed, and the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois as additional insured. The Exhibitor further understands and agrees that neither FamilyFarmed nor the UIC Forum maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance. Fax certificates in advance to (773) 435-1593 or email to coi@familyfarmed.org

The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
725 W Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60607


225 W. Hubbard St., Suite 650
Chicago, IL 60654

Sampling and Serving of Food

● You may provide free samples of only those products that you produce, process and/or distribute during your regular course of business.


● BASSET Certification is required of any individual requesting to pour/give away samples of alcoholic beverages. Any individual planning to sell alcoholic beverages must have a preexisting retail liquor license and obtain a special use permit liquor license from the State of Illinois Liquor Control Board. Further information can be found at http://www.state.il.us/lcc

● SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FOR CONSUMPTION at the Festival is permissible only through the official facility concessionaire, SODEXO. Sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption at another time/place is allowed only if delivery is made at another time/place. Delivery of alcoholic beverages on UIC Campus grounds is not permissible.

Sales Tax and Business License Applications

All exhibitors are required to collect appropriate sales tax. Those exhibitors electing to sell goods and services for delivery at the Festival must also obtain an Illinois Business Tax (IBT) number — http://www.revenue.state.il.us/Businesses/register.htm

Sales at the Show

Sales are encouraged. Prepare for enthusiastic, dedicated consumers that want to MEET local farmers and artisan producers, LEARN why the best food is local food, and SHOP the Midwest’s premier local food event. Last year thousands attended, and the buzz in 2016 is sure to produce even more attendees. This event is much more than a Farmer’s Market; they want to do business year-round!

Creativity Sells at Shows!

FamilyFarmed encourages all exhibitors to make the most of their Good Food Festival participation by creating interesting and attractive displays. You only have a short while to attract the attention of show visitors as they walk by. Making things fun and exciting may make the difference between whether they stop by to talk with you or not. To give you every opportunity to increase your exposure and sales at the Festival, we encourage you to use your creativity…

● Have some fun with your exhibit

● Gain more attention for your company

● “Step out of the box” of traditional looking displays

● Attract more buyers!!!

Of course, always be courteous to the other exhibitors nearby, avoid blocking their view and be mindful of excessive noise.

Use of Music by Exhibitors

If any copyrighted music is to be played at your display, you must obtain all necessary licenses from the copyright owner or licensing agency such as ASCAP or BMI. Licensing requirements apply to recorded or live music included in the exhibit or as background on taped presentations. Adherence to federally mandated copyright law is of critical importance. Failure to do so can result in substantial penalties.

Good Food Networking Reception

Friday exhibitors are invited to attend the Friday night reception from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the main hall at the UIC Forum. There will not be a Localicious party this year.

Official Hotels

FamilyFarmed recommends the nearby hotels at the following link. For details, clink on the link: http://www.goodfoodfestivals.com/about/directions-parking-hotels/. Show Parking Park at any of the BIG UIC parking lots nearby:

● Lot 6 is across the street at 1109 S. Halsted (truck parking)

● Lot 5 one block west at 1135 S. Morgan (early arrivals; pull ticket on arrival and pay on exit)

● Lot 4 one block north at 760 W. Taylor

● Lot 14 is a 3-story garage two blocks south at 701 W. Maxwell St (Lot 13). Payment on exit. It can be reached by continuing south past the UIC Forum loading dock on Union Ave.

Any exhibitor requiring adjacent parking for a refrigerated truck should head to Lot 6 at 1109 S Halsted. Parking rates vary by lot. Metered street parking is also available nearby. Check out http://www.goodfoodfestivals.com/about/directions-parking-hotels/ for a map of the area.

Move-in, Vehicle Access

All vehicle unloading must take place from the back of the UIC Forum on Union Ave. Exit 52 from the Dan Ryan Expressway takes you to the Union Ave access road. The facility loading dock is on Union, just south of Roosevelt. Once inside the building you will find volunteers to take you to the exhibit hall.

Move-in, Unloading requirements

Once unloaded, all vehicles must be moved away from the dock immediately, so please have a second driver onboard. There are no forklifts available for our use. A limited number of flat carts and hand trucks are available for our use, but bringing your own will likely save you time.

Electrical Service

There is an additional charge for electrical service. Electric outlet locations are limited so you must advise us in advance in order to receive a location near an outlet. Companies who indicated electric needs on their application form have been located accordingly. Bring power strips and extension cords as needed.

Standard Exhibit Equipment

All exhibits are provided with a 6-foot table 30” wide and 30” high; tablecloth; two metal chairs; four (4) exhibitor badges and an 8.5”x11” identification sign with the show logo. The show will not be providing any onsite decorating services, so please plan accordingly.

Stoves and Cooking

You may use a crockpot, electric skillet, or Sterno to heat food. Gas, propane and other combustible materials are not allowed within the facility.

Signs and Banners

Exhibitors may not deface, injure, mar, alter or in any way damage the Facility. Nails, staples, hooks, tacks, screws and the like are not permitted to be driven into any part of the Facility. Walls, floors, ceilings, carpets, or other areas of the facility may not be painted or otherwise permanently covered. Materials may be attached by means of cords, ropes, or ribbons, but only in ways that will not produce any damage. Tape and adhesives must not deface or alter the Facility in any way. There is an additional fee for anyone requiring a metal frame/pipes to hang signs or banners behind their display (max dimensions 4’ high x 6’ wide). Request the frame/pipes on your registration form.


Exhibitors assume full responsibility for the care and control of their exhibit materials. Please properly insure items for theft, loss, or damage from the time materials leave your place of business until their return.

Carpeted Exhibit Floor

All exhibit areas are carpeted. Plastic sheeting should be used below ice chests, potted plants, or anything else with a potential for spills. Exhibitors risk a replacement charge if exhibit causes permanent carpet damage.

Live Animals

Any exhibitor bringing live animals with their exhibit must notify FamilyFarmed in advance. The UIC Forum will lay plastic under all areas where there will be live animals and hay bales; thus we will need to communicate with them what animals, what day and what room they will be onsite. All animals have to be watched at all times by the person/company who is bringing them and any #1s or #2s need to be cleaned up and disposed of accordingly. We must have a COI naming both FamilyFarmed and the UIC as additional insured.

Respect Your Neighbors

Exhibitors are reminded to respect their neighbors and attendees as part of the good food community. Please refrain from installing walls that block your neighbors’ exhibit, playing loud bothersome audio, and obnoxious behavior. We are committed to providing a workplace free from all types and forms of discrimination and/or harassment. Complaints of inappropriate conduct will be investigated promptly.