Rick Bayless, Frontera

Rick Bayless not only popularized regional Mexican food in the United States through his much-awarded restaurants, TV shows and cookbooks — he did so as a pioneer among chefs in the Good Food movement. He first helped small farmers from the region build a market in Chicago through his ingredient sourcing. Then, starting in 2003, his Frontera Farmer Foundation has provided what now amounts to nearly $2 million in grants to regional farmers to help them succeed.

Rick’s Frontera Farmer Foundation is collaborating with FamilyFarmed on a major fundraising event on April 30 at the Art Institute of Chicago. The Frontera 30th Anniversary Celebration will mark the 30th anniversary of Bayless’ landmark Frontera Grill. Rick also will participate on a timely panel titled “Does Good Food Need to Be Local?,” which will take place at 9:15 a.m. on Friday, March 17 during our Good Food Trade Show and Policy Conference, the middle day of our three-day Good Food Festival & Conference.